When the meaning of words changes…

Being called Libtard and Sickular is the new emergent phenomenon in India. A similar phenomenon has also happened around the globe of mob politics which is governed by emotions and less on actual research or information. The meaning associated with a word changes when it is used in the wrong context or inappropriate context. We … Continue reading When the meaning of words changes…


Ignorance (On Health) is Lethal

India has been ranked very low in Human Development Index (133 out of 180 countries) and it SHOULD bother us. Nowadays, a country’s development is measured by its economic advances. Focus is given on the amount of production, employment, GDP etc. However, should money be the only way to measure how far a country has … Continue reading Ignorance (On Health) is Lethal

Basic Research Questions: What, Where and Why?

It seems Indian political and bureaucratic system for funding research has forgotten to ask these three simple questions that any investigative work must try to answer. India, despite success in fields like space engineering, lacks proper innovation and basic research institutes. There are many issues with R&D industry in India, but we will probe the … Continue reading Basic Research Questions: What, Where and Why?